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We're dedicated in showcasing trustworthy REALTORS® that are capable, experienced and take pride in the work they do. Heroic Agents stand above the rest, providing an exceptional experience throughout. We value people. People that do heck-of-a-lot to make the lives of others a little bit easier.

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The Selection Process

We've hand picked only the select few who truly went out of their way to keep a promise. They must demonstrate excellence in negotiations, marketing and communications, just to name a few. We refuse to showcase REALTORS® that we personally wouldn't use. That's a promise.

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Our REALTORS® will do the right thing

Aside from the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, we have our own Heroic Agent Code of Ethics — a strict guideline that is followed by all agents to maintain our high standards.

Heroic Agent Code of Ethics


Project Management as a service

Dear Home Owner,

You've put blood and sweat in owning your home. We can't agree enough that you deserve the most from the sale. We've put together a service package that our customers love because it is affordable and maximizes the market value of your home while keeping it stress free for you.

Whether it be a renovator, stager, mover or cleaner, we've only selected experts who are passionate about the work they do. We take responsibility and are liable for the work done. We are your single point of contact, the project manager for preparing your home for sale. Everything from co-ordination to inspection and quality control will be performed by us on your behalf. And what's great is that you pay absolutely nothing until you've sold your home!

So what's the catch? There is no catch. Period. We have qualified trades people through our own experiences and that of our Heroic Agent REALTORS®. We've watched them in action, interviewed several of their past clients and made it our company policy that we only select those whom our founder would comfortably hire himself.

Customer Experience Team
Heroic Agent

They find all the people, explain what needs to be done, manage them, perform inspections and make sure everything is done right, and all I had to do was approve the budget and designs. Amazing service!


Fair Market Rates

We can confidently promise you that our pricing is competitive. Our long term relationships with suppliers and trades people allow us to pass on the savings to you.

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Making it Right

We are legally and morally responsibile to correct defective work if it ever happens. We stand behind our promise and will pay out of our pockets so that you don't have to.

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Every Day Counts

We are keen on starting and finishing the work within the shortest amount of time possible. There is no incentive for us to delay on projects for the sake of having work to do.

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The Home Sale Experience Made Easy

The traditional method of selling your home involved many disjoint pieces of the puzzle that required you're effort to put together correctly. We've elimated this step by putting together the puzzle for you, making the entire experience of selling your home a pleasant one.

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Renovation & Repair

Everything from painting to breaking down walls to make open concept living spaces, we'll get experts to do repairs, renovations and improvements that will maximize your home investment.

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Staging & Design

We can't emphasize enough about how important it is to de-clutter and stage your entire home such that potential buyers can admire and visualize how their new home could possibly look.

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Storage & Moving

While your waiting for the closing of your new home and after the sale of your current home, you're going to need storage and moving from a reliable set of hands.

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